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Incredible Skies is a New Zealand-Maori-owned drone tech company specialising in training, and research and development.

We believe we have amazing talent right here in Aotearoa and love projects that help people and companies excel, while contributing to New Zealand's tech eco-system.

RPAS PT102 Courses

Set yourself up for commercial operations for your business or services.

Through our partners, our RPAS courses have discounts for groups of 5 or more. And, we'll consider coming to your location.

Courses are being scheduled for 2021. If you're interested in getting your RPAS Pt102 certificates please contact us here.​​​

Project Management

Reducing your costs and risks using drones usually means that you'll need to coordinate multiple operators, while ascertaining their Civil Aviation Authority certifications, qualifications, skills and experience. Understanding the CAA regulations specific to your operations is yet another layer of complexity. Chat to us here about how we can help.

Upcoming tests

Incredible Skies is running telecommunications R+D and drone pilots courses are expected to start up again in 2023 (Covid restrictions allowing). Pt 102 certified drone operators, pilots with aircrafts, engineers and technologists can apply to take part. Other UAV companies wishing develop and test their new technologies for BVLOS, autonomous and other tech can also apply to have their testing considered for inclusion.

Tell us

Tell us about your drone requirements:

  1. What is your project?

  2. What's your biggest challenge?

  3. Who are you and your team?

Keep it short and to the point. Tell us about it here and we'll be in touch.


There are multiple opportunities to get involved as funders, sponsors or investors. Find out how you can:

  1. Contribute to telecommunications and drone testing for public good or commercial use cases.

  2. Help us train people, who normally wouldn't get the opportunity to become certified drone pilots, and learn about other drone technologies.

  3. Invest in IP creation.

  4. Promote your technologies while getting involved in ours.


Sponsorship packs​ for 2022 are available by request

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